• Turnkey Surveillance

    We can provide mission equipped aircraft, tactical equipment and tactically trained personnel associated with a full operational service. We will be pleased to discuss a full range of options available to ensure that only the very best service is delivered at the very best value. Failure to get this element correct can incur unecessary costs in return for reduced capability.

  • Bespoke Surveillance

    We can provide a full or partial operational capability using the most advanced mission equipment on the market today. Whether this is maritime patrol, over-watch or law enforcement, we can integrate our services and expertise with established organisations and tailor our services to best suit your company's requirements and make good any shortfall in operational effectiveness.

  • Tactical Training

    Our Instructors are highly experienced with backgrounds in both covert and overt UK Policing and Special Forces. They have been operatives of Wescam EO systems in the most challenging environments around the Globe. They have worked alongside serious and organized crime agencies, hostage rescue and counter terrorist operations in the UK.

  • Aircraft Leasing

    The 'surveillance by the hour' service is aimed at government departments, organisations and corporations that require low volume, seasonal or ad hoc aerial surveillance solutions. Customers that require a permanent 'wet lease' surveillance operation can greatly benefit from a cost effective and flexible arrangement, thereby reducing down time associated with standard maintenance periods.

Consultancy in Tactical Surveillance

Employing our operational expertise could be key to your success.

Airborne Surveillance assists Law enforcement agencies and Government departments in the operation of sophisticated mission equipped fixed-wing aircraft engaged in operationally demanding environments.

We can assist your company in selecting the right Aircraft for specific taskings, together with the selection and integration of tactical equipment to best suit your operational requirements. We can structure the selection and training of flight crews and assist in effectively bringing an entire operation together, for an effective entry into service. We can help develop operational tactics to the highest standard, in addition to auditing existing capability.

In summary:

  1. Correct Selection of Mission Equipped Aircraft
  2. Correct Selection and integration of Tactical Equipment
  3. Flight Crew Selection and Tactical Training
  4. Effective Entry into Service
  5. Developing Operational Tactics and Standardisation
  6. Auditing Existing Capability

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