• Electro-optical Sensors

    WESCAM’s MX-Series of Electro-optic and Infrared (EO/IR), laser, surveillance and targeting systems provide unparalleled image stability and long-range detection capability. The electro-optical sensor market is rapidly expanding due to increased emphasis on intelligence management for persistent surveillance. As a result, sensor technology is pushing into new areas such as multi-spectral, hyper-spectral and/or polarimetric capabilities.

  • Synthetic Aperture Radar

    Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images have a wide range of applications in remote sensing and mapping of the surfaces of the Earth. SAR can also be implemented as "inverse SAR" by observing a moving target over a substantial time with a stationary antenna. SAR provides a new capability such as coherent change detection that support the monitoring of critical infrastructure, preventing it from being interfered with by those with criminal intent.

  • Mission Management Systems

    In todays complex operational environment, it is essential that data obtained by the aircraft is managed effectively, allowing the viewing, recording and distribution of downlinked encypted data in real time. Ergonomic workstation design plays a big part in Mission Equipment Management in order to maximise crew productivity and enhance effective crew integration during fixed-wing Surveillance Flights that often exceed five hours in duration.

  • COFDM Microwave Systems

    COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a state of the art, extremely robust, transmission technique utilising multiple carriers to provide high quality real time video images in environments where conventional video links would fail through multipath interference. This allows crews and ground based commanders to have real time situational awareness to make the appropriate operational decisions at the appropriate time.

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